Thank you for your interest in working with us at Kids Korner, Kids Korner two and/or Kids Campus. We always welcome applications for teaching positions. You will find our application and some additional reading information below for your review.
Once your application is complete, you can either drop it by one of our centers or email it directly to our Office Manager, Lori Cirks at adel@kidskornertwo.com. We will contact you if there is an opening available that suits your skill set and meets the needs of
our children.
To help you get acquainted with Kids Korner and Kids Campus, we have included our mission and goals below. Reading through
the Kids Korner Way will help you to understand our philosophy on child care, our staff and our parents. If this sounds like a job that interests you, you can complete the employment application and return it to one of our facility locations.
How we represent ourselves:
1. We are neat, clean and smiling.
2. We are humorous and fun-loving.

How we interact with others:
1. We are friendly.
2. We are cheerful and never harsh.
3. We are encouraging and positive.
4. We offer great hugs and warm pats.
5. We are excited to welcome new children, parents and co-workers into the program.
6. We create a harmonious work environment by caring about fellow staff members.
7. We are always flexible with children, parents and the administrative staff.

How we want our staff to feel:
1. We want you to be proud to be a professional who genuinely CARES about the children.
2. We want you to love the children and show genuine concern for their families.
3. We want you to be open and honest about feelings in a supportive way.

Five things we want to avoid:
1. Children with untied shoes.
2. Children with runny noses.
3. Children with dirty faces.
4. Children left crying unattended.
5. Parents who are not greeted warmly.

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